Kia Niro EV range: 239 miles

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The Niro EV's engine bay is home to a 150-kilowatt electric motor that makes 201 horsepower and 291 pound-feet of torque, which it sends to the front wheels via a single-speed transmission.

Powering everything this is a 64 kWh lithium-ion battery pack beneath the cabin floor -- a huge step up from the 1.56 kWh pack in the hybrid and the 8.9 kWh battery in the plug-in Niro -- that enables the EV to cruise for an EPA-estimated 239 miles between recharges. That's down from Kia's early estimate of 300 miles, but still on par with the likes of Chevrolet's Bolt EV.

The battery can be rapid-charged to 80-percent (about 190 miles) in about an hour via its standard combined charging system (CCS) DC fast-charging port. However, a more conventional Level 2 home or public charger takes about 9.5 hours to reach a 100-percent charge.

So far, only the long-range EV been officially announced for the US but, globally, a less-powerful 134-horsepower model with a smaller 39.2 kWh battery pack will also be available. Early estimates put it at somewhere around 150 miles per charge with a 6 hour recharge time at Level 2 stations.

Physically, the Niro EV is slightly shorter from bumper to bumper than the HEV and PHEV models, due to its revised and more aerodynamic bumper design. It's also slightly taller vertically to make room for the underfloor battery pack. Externally, there are also unique wheels and side skirts, but the easiest way to spot a Niro EV is the closed-off grille -- home to the charging door -- and generous blue accents all over.

Inside, the EV features a shift-by-wire drive selector puck and paddle shifters that toggle between four levels of regenerative braking, ranging from light regeneration to a one-pedal driving driving mode. There are also driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport) that adjust the balance between performance and range. The blue accents continue into the cabin where they highlight the dashboard. Read lots more...